Are you ready to LEAD?

Leadership is an inside job...

‘My work should speak for itself.’

I remember the day I actually SAID this to my boss. At the time, I believed it. I was working long, hard hours to deliver results, and my performance reviews and reputation reflected that hard work.

So why wasn’t I getting promoted?

Well, one reason was because I believed ‘my work should speak for itself.’

Big mistake…

Years before, another boss told me I needed to be ‘more strategic.’

In my head, I thought… ‘what does that mean?’

I now KNOW what that means:

  • I put too much emphasis on my personal PERFORMANCE, and not enough on the POTENTIAL my team could deliver.
  • I focused too much on demonstrating my EXPERTISE, and not enough on defining the IMPACT my team could have on business results.
  • I spent too much time on today’s DELIVERABLES, versus today's and tomorrow’s OPPORTUNITIES.

Don’t get me wrong…we were a strong team, and I received great feedback on my leadership skills. 

My problem…I kept trying to prove to everyone how great I was in the job I HAD, not the role I WANTED.

So what’s getting in the way of YOUR professional dreams?

Understanding WHY things aren’t going the way we want isn’t always obvious.

  • We tell ourselves stories like ‘if I DO it all, I can HAVE it all,’ or 'if I just work harder, I'll get what I want.' 
  • We self-sabotage and say ‘no’ to the opportunities that come our way, telling ourselves stories like 'I don't deserve it' or 'I'm not good enough.'
  • We may not know WHAT we really want; many of our life choices may have been driven by what someone else said we 'should' do.

Guess what? This is actually GOOD NEWS! Many of these obstacles are within your control to change...

So, what if…

  • you could identify and dispel the limiting beliefs, or 'saboteurs' that are keeping you stuck and preventing you from achieving your professional goals
  • you had tools to deal with the daily pressures that many professional women experience
  • you had the self-awareness to identify YOUR career goals and aspirations, and an action plan to achieve them

One way to regain your focus and get you on the road to achieving your goals is to start building your self-awareness skills. Developing our self-awareness helps us to get clear on what inspires us, energizes and drains us, and how our disempowering stories are keeping us stuck.

To be a great leader, you must first lead yourself...

Self-awareness is the first of six (6) building blocks of our Self-Leadership model. These building blocks lead to a roadmap of your unique leadership brand, built on the foundation of your values and strengths. 

is about having a strong sense of who you are so you can have the CLARITY and CONFIDENCE to achieve the results you want.

 As you navigate each building block, you'll:

  • Explore your brand through Self-Awareness and Self-Knowledge
  • Embody your brand through Self-Acceptance and Self-Regard
  • Express your brand through Self-Care and being Self-Less   

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So...are you ready to gain the clarity, confidence and courage to have the personal and professional life you want? 
It's time to LEAD:

L - leverage your Emotional Intelligence; women have an intuitive ability to lead...they just need to tap into it!
E - engage your support network; being a powerful leader in ALL areas of our lives means empowering others to show up in their genius.
A - Clearly articulate your value; increased self-awareness creates a language for communicating who you are and what you offer.
D - declare your commitment to showing up as an INSPIRING and EMPOWERING leader for yourself and others.

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“...As a coach, Camille excels at getting to the core issues with laser sharp insight devoid of judgment. She is articulate, an excellent listener and operates at a level of tremendous integrity. I greatly appreciate her use of humor to effectively lighten those moments when one is struggling to keep track of the big picture.”

--- Claudine M.