It’s Time To LEAD!

So, here’s the good news: our economy is on the upswing and your company is growing like a weed…

And here’s the bad news: your leadership team may not be ready to work the soil and ensure you’re growing the right crop.

If your company is on a growth fast-track, you must have the right people in place to support that growth.

'PEOPLE problems…become PROFIT problems'

...Angelique Rewers, The Corporate Agent

Some of the most common people problems that fast-growing companies experience include:

  • A leadership vacuum that causes companies to REACT to their staffing needs, including poor promotion decisions
  • Failing to identify high-potential employees (HIPOs) and nurturing their goals and aspirations
  • Failing to provide HIPOs with the opportunities to learn and grow into the company’s future leaders

Fast-growing companies need to have teams in place to keep up with the market demand, especially their leadership team. Not having a long-term leadership strategy in place…one that’s part of the company’s larger growth strategy…can really hit a company’s bottom line.

'The greatest contribution of a leader is to make other leaders.'

...Simon Sinek

Our leadership philosophy is simple…organizations must LEAD to meet the needs and demands of their customers: 

  • Leverage your existing leaders to identify and develop the organizations's future leaders
  • Engage these leaders in the development and execution of your people strategy,
  • Hold them Accountable for their results, and
  • Declare your commitment to your people strategy over the long haul

At Leveraged Leaders, we work with fast-growing companies that are focused on proactively addressing their untapped leadership opportunities by developing a sustainable, actionable leadership strategy as part of their overall business growth strategy.

Identifying your company’s high-potential (HIPO) employees is a key part of any leadership strategy…check out our free download What Your HIPOs Wish You Knew and get a few tips on steps you can take NOW to support your high-potential employees. Some of them may be your company’s future leaders!





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