It’s Time To LEAD!

So, here’s the good news: our economy is on the upswing and your company is growing like a weed…

And here’s the bad news: your leadership team may not be ready to work the soil and ensure you’re growing the right crop.

If your company is on a growth fast-track, you must have the right people in place to support that growth.

'PEOPLE problems…become PROFIT problems'

...Angelique Rewers, The Corporate Agent

The problem today
…is that some organizations are not optimally leveraging their existing leaders as a strategy for achieving their business goals. Unfortunately, this can result in:

  • Managers who aren’t ready to lead; traditional training programs aren't enough to ready them for their role as leaders
  • Damaging disengagement; disengaged employees feel disconnected from the organization's goals and mission, impacting performance
  • Costly staff turnover; unhappy employees, especially your high performers, will start to look elsewhere

Fast-growing companies need to have teams in place to keep up with the market demand, especially their leadership team. Not having a long-term leadership strategy in place…one that’s part of the company’s larger growth strategy…can really hit a company’s bottom line.

'The greatest contribution of a leader is to make other leaders.'

...Simon Sinek

Our leadership philosophy is simple…organizations must LEAD to meet the needs and demands of their customers: 

  • Leverage your existing leaders to identify and develop the organizations's future leaders
  • Engage these leaders in the development and execution of your leadership readiness strategy,
  • Hold them Accountable for their results, and
  • Declare your commitment to your leadership strategy over the long haul

At Leveraged Leaders, we work with fast-growing companies that are focused on proactively addressing their untapped leadership opportunities by developing a sustainable, actionable leadership readiness strategy as part of their overall business growth strategy. This includes identifying and developing the right leaders, in the right way, driving toward the right results.

Identifying your company’s high-potential (HIPO) employees is a key part of any leadership strategy…check out our free download What Your HIPOs Wish You Knew and get a few tips on steps you can take NOW to support your high-potential employees. Some of them may be your company’s future leaders!





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