Developing Your EQ and the Impact on Team Effectiveness


"...the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" --- Aristotle

Also known as synergy, individuals coming together as a team can produce or create more than if the individuals work...individually!

Teams need a common goal, common values, and a common purpose.  

Developing Your EQ and the Impact on Team Effectiveness demonstrates the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace and how it can impact their success at work. Participants will:

  • finally understand what EQ is and why it's important
  • uncover the differences between IQ and EQ, and the one that's most important to your success
  • learn how to avoid 'emotional hijackings'
  • learn the surprisingly simple skills that will help you tap into your EQ
  • get curious about team differences and how understanding those differences impact team effectiveness
  • commit to some 'next steps' so they can get into action right away to develop their EQ

If you are interested in bringing Developing Your EQ and the Impact on Team Effectiveness to your organization or leadership team, please fill out the information below and we'll contact you to determine if the program is the right solution to meet your organization or team’s needs!



"I have worked with Camille on multiple occasions to develop and deliver first class learning experiences for my teams. When it comes to design, she is an engaged listener, assessing the needs of her audience and tailoring content for greatest impact. As a facilitator, she is energetic and highly interactive, keeping the audience engaged through a lasting experience. While most learning programs are one-time events, Camille thinks through and provides pre and post-event integration resources to ensure you are equipped as a leader to drive enduring change and meaning with your team. I would highly recommend using Camille for your next team workshop or event."

                      -- M. Gebhart, Vice President of Finance