Developing Your EQ and the Impact on Team Effectiveness


"...the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" --- Aristotle

Also known as synergy, individuals coming together as a team can produce or create more than if the individuals work...individually!

Teams need a common goal, common values, and a common purpose.  

Developing Your EQ and the Impact on Team Effectiveness demonstrates the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in the workplace and how it can impact their success at work. Participants will:

  • finally understand what EQ is and why it's important
  • uncover the differences between IQ and EQ, and the one that's most important to your success
  • learn how to avoid 'emotional hijackings'
  • learn the surprisingly simple skills that will help you tap into your EQ
  • get curious about team differences and how understanding those differences impact team effectiveness
  • commit to some 'next steps' so they can get into action right away to develop their EQ

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"I came to coaching with a few goals in mind, specifically to increase my capacity given my and my team’s increasing workload, to build my self-confidence in my ability to have crucial conversations, and addressing my tendency to ‘run too lean,’ all impacting my and my team’s ability to achieve our goals.

These challenges impact my ability to be an effective leader. Specifically, I was not giving my team the support they needed; I was not available due to being spread too thin. I was working late at night to increase the amount of work time. Although this is one way to increase capacity, it's not effective, not sustainable, and also does not send the right message to the team about work-life balance. 

The tipping point was when my work life negatively impacted my personal life through additional stress that was put upon my family and through the additional time away, as I was often working long hours.

Since working with Camille, I am clearer on my role as a leader; I am effectively serving my team by empowering them to stretch themselves in their work. I am able to have more effective conversations with my team and colleagues using Camille's communication model. I’m also happier in my work life because I more effectively prioritize my and my team's workload and responsibilities.

I am able to use Camille's coaching and continue to refine my learning over time, as Camille's coaching does not apply to one or two situations; Camille's coaching is adaptive and will be effective for years to come. 

Thank you Camille. You are a wonderful coach and mentor."

---M. Goldsby, Director, Customer Experience Finance