Meet Camille

Camille McKinney is CEO and Leadership Consultant at Leveraged Leaders...her passion is in helping midsize organizations prepare for future growth by developing the right leaders in the right way, with a focus on doing their right work. She brings her experience in performance consulting, training, and leadership to help organizations develop sustainable, actionable people strategies as part of their overall business growth strategy.

Before becoming a Leadership Consultant and Professional Coach, Camille worked for over 20 years as a training and performance consulting professional, most recently as a Sales Training leader, where she led a team of professional sales training rock stars! Camille’s commitment to demonstrating effective leadership and empowering her team to be their best resulted in Great Place to Work employee engagement scores of 100% two years in a row!

She has a degree in Business Management and has completed Coach U’s Core Essentials and advanced coaching programs. She is a licensed facilitator of Corporate Coach U's Coaching Clinic™, a training program that is delivered as part of a comprehensive, interactive learning experience, Empowering Performance Through Coaching. This program teaches leaders how to use a simple yet effective coaching conversation model and provides post-training support to integrate coaching into the participant's leadership toolkit.

Camille lives in Southern California, where you’ll often find her with her nose in a book...usually more than one at a time! 





“...As a coach, Camille excels at getting to the core issues with laser sharp insight devoid of judgment. She is articulate, an excellent listener and operates at a level of tremendous integrity. I greatly appreciate her use of humor to effectively lighten those moments when one is struggling to keep track of the big picture.”

--- Claudine M.

"I have worked with Camille on multiple occasions to develop and deliver first class learning experiences for my teams. When it comes to design, she is an engaged listener, assessing the needs of her audience and tailoring content for greatest impact. As a facilitator, she is energetic and highly interactive, keeping the audience engaged through a lasting experience. While most learning programs are one-time events, Camille thinks through and provides pre and post-event integration resources to ensure you are equipped as a leader to drive enduring change and meaning with your team. I would highly recommend using Camille for your next team workshop or event."

                      -- M. Gebhart, Vice President of Finance

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