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Camille is available to speak to your group as a part of a professional group meeting, conference keynote or break-out session, or other speaking opportunity.

Topics include:

Leading from the Inside Out: Tapping Into Your EQ to Gain Clarity and Confidence as a Leader

Research studies show that while we enter the workforce at the same rate as men, women aspiring to higher levels of leadership are steadily decreasing in numbers as they climb the leadership ladder, falling off upper leadership rungs at around the manager/senior manager level. Additionally, upwards of 89% of women do not have clear career plans in place, resulting in a career 'by default' instead of 'by design.'

To change this alarming trend, women leaders need to stop focusing on external factors and solutions and start examining your own internal barriers to success, the stuff you actually have some control over!

Women and Entrepreneurial Leadership: Leveraging Your EQ to Intuitively Manage and Grow your Business

Professional women are masters at juggling tasks and fending off chaos. With everything on your plate, it’s understandable that sometimes you lose balance and focus. Being proactive, you try new organization apps, prioritizing, and more to-do lists. But the chaos continues…

To get to the next level in your business, stop looking for outward solutions and instead take a radically different approach: tapping into your Emotional Intelligence.

Self-Awareness and Leadership:
The Critical Impact of Emotional Intelligence on You, Your Team and Your Results

Organizations invest in expensive leadership development programs, with the goal of positively impacting business results. Unfortunately, these programs are typically focused on developing skills that are tactical, like how to manage performance, delegate tasks or write a performance review. While these skills are important, these programs put little if any focus on how we show up and who we are as leaders...

To up-level your leadership effectiveness, consider how developing your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can be an innovative approach to increasing personal and team effectiveness, improving employee engagement, and positively impacting overall business results.

Contact Camille with questions, specific topic requests and to confirm her availability for your next event. Camille is a member of the Women Speakers Association.


"Camille recently provided an excellent learning program for our SCORE Ventura County mentors. She worked with me to learn about our organization and the learning needs of the audience. Camille also used feedback from our members to create customized discussion scenarios. The result was an engaging presentation and a highly interactive discussion of the scenarios by our team members.

After the presentation, she collected our group's responses to the scenarios, compiled the results, and developed a reference guide for use by the mentors while working with their clients. We were very satisfied with Camille’s work and I know other organizations will benefit from Camille’s learning programs as well."

--- D. Steinhart, SCORE Ventura, Membership Chair

"I have had the pleasure of attending one of Camille McKinney’s presentations on the topic of 'How Your Emotional Intelligence Can Make or Break your Workplace Success.' I found Camille to be a most appealing presenter; her ability to engage everyone in the room was pivotal in keeping the presentation fluent and enlightening. I was impressed with her knowledge of the topic and the importance of Emotional Intelligence in today’s job market and successfully functioning teams. Our organization would like to ask her back to share her insights in the future."

--- H. Rockhold, President, EU – Outstanding Professionals Employment Network