Let's Lead - September 2020

Hi. My name is Camille, and I'm a (Facebook video) addict.

It started with cute cat videos, then graduated to the military dad who surprised his kid during a school assembly. Heartwarming stuff...

So much of my day is spent using A LOT of focused, mental energy...so I'm entitled to a little down time, right?

But, I gotta tell you...protecting my sensitive, emotional center takes WAY more energy. Plus, that blue light isn't helping my sleep patterns.

AND...given the events of the last several months, online videos have been taking a really dark, negative turn, and my nervous system can't handle it.

So...I'm out! 

This is now coming down to priorities...'cuz that was 2 hours I'll never get back. 

So here's the question...what's important to you? 

3 Tips - Start with priorities

Let's talk about your 2020 New Year's resolutions...in September. I'm going to venture a guess that unless you're most disciplined human EVER, you don't even REMEMBER your 2020 resolutions. 

I get it...COVID hit and most of our best laid plans fell apart. 

Earlier this year I attended a virtual (of course) talk where the speaker shared her thoughts about leadership during crisis, a timely topic. The speaker, Meredith Parfet, suggests that we can start to 'harness the catalytic energy of crisis' by setting a few priorities.

Why priorities? A couple points from her talk:

  • Crisis is noisy. By setting a few priorities, we can cut through the noise.
  • Priorities act as an 'anchor' (my new favorite verb)...a lens through which we make our choices and decisions. 

So, given this, how does the time I spend watching Facebook videos align with my priorities? Hmmm...not so much. The choices I've been making around how I'm spending (wasting) my time...maybe you too...can provide some insight.

Some ideas about getting back on track:

  1. I'll ask again: what's important to you? Maybe it's time to put a stake in the ground. To declare it. We can give lip service to it...AND the truth will always show up in our choices and decisions. 

  2. Take inventory. How are you spending your time? Your money? Your energy? How aligned are the results of your inventory to your priorities? This can get you started...

  3. Align your goals to your priorities. A real-life example: If my health is a priority, then why did I just reach for that cookie (or 3)? If my goal is to lose that last 10 (okay, 15) pounds, I must CHOOSE to make my health a priority...aligned choices and decisions will follow. 

Bottom line: a goal that isn't aligned with your priorities will be an uphill climb.

Now, how does this relate to leadership?

As a leader, regardless of the context, the priorities you establish 'anchor' your team (or family, etc.) in the midst of a crisis. 

COVID is noisy. The impact has hit every aspect of our lives. For many (most?) of us, we got knocked off center. 

Yet, I'm hearing how people are figuring out new ways to make a living, educate their kids...using amazing, innovative thinking. The priorities don't change...but maybe the method to achieve it does.

So, what are your priorities? How can they help you get re-centered?

Cool Resources

What I'm reading:

Well, I'm not. I've been doing more writing (and scrolling thru FB) than reading...I plan to get back on track this month.

Articles I recommend:

Legacy Leadership Lessons From Martin Luther King’s Son and Grandchild by Real Leaders. 



'Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a long time making it.' -- Unknown 

Something else:

Okay, this was weird! This is a song that I have LOVED for years...AND I remember it playing while I was writing my August newsletter. Then, it played AGAIN as I was writing this one. I guess that means I'm supposed to share it. 

I'm not the only one who likes it...134 million views? 25K likes? WOW!

Coming up...

Speaking of innovating thinking...I'm impressed how so many conferences and summits have been able to pivot from live, in-person to a virtual format. As a speaker, I prefer to be in the room with my audience...I feed off the energy of the room, AND presenting virtually has really up'd my speaking game. 

I'll be speaking at an upcoming Spiral Dynamics® Leading ReEntry Summit, where the focus is on leaders supporting their people through change, like the reentry from COVID.

Participation in the event is FREE, and you can upgrade to a VIP ticket for full access to the recordings of the talks and other benefits. Stay tuned for some messages from me that will include the registration details. 

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